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Welcome to PJs Inn by the Lake

  Jo and Peter
~ Jo and Peter ~

Welcome to "PJ's Inn by the Lake" and Labrador West. As your hosts we will do everything possible to make your stay a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Kiss Me My Darling

(When this 5MB file is downloaded, press the start button to listen)

Your smile is like the sunshine, how it brightens up my life
When I think of you my darling, I'm so glad we're man and wife
Your gentle touch, your soft embrace still sets my heart aglow
And I'll love you forever that's for sure.

Kiss me my darling, how I love your tender lips
Hold me close my darling, how I love your sweet caress
Let me whisper that I love you more with every passing day
And in your arms forever I would stay.

Your laughter, how it lifts me up when we're apart or when you're near
All my thoughts of you my love are treasures I hold so dear.
Your dancing eyes, that special smile just sets my heart afire
And I'm longing just to hold you for a while.

This song written and sung especially for Jo, the love of my life.