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To make posting quicker and easier please if at all possible edit photos to a file size of 50k or less.  We assume permission to post has been granted with all submissions. Anonymous submissions not accepted

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Past Events

Branch Night I, Bella Vista, St. John’s, November 11, 2005

New Year’s Ball, Branch Community Hall, December 31, 2005

Branch Night II, CLB Armoury, St. John’s, April 7, 2006

Breakfast in Branch, Branch Community Centre, August 12, 2006

Festival of The Sea—Concert and Dance in Branch, September 20, 2006

Branch Night III— Bella Vista, St. John’s, November 10, 2006

Branch Night IV—Bella Vista, St. John’s, May 11, 2007

Branch Photo Ticket Draw Winner— Ozzie  Power

“Waves in the Wester’ Cove” Photo Ticket Draw Winner -  Sadie (Mooney) McGrath

Christmas Cash Draw Winner Ekkie O’Rielly, Tors Cove




Branch River at Sunset—a Spectacular Site and a Salmon Angler’s Delight!

Fly Your Flag!                                                                                                  

In Keeping with an old Branch tradition of flying flags during special occasions, we will be flying flags of all varieties at the Branch Community Centre during Come Home Year —send/bring your flag (country, state, province, family etc) and let it fly proudly during Branch Come Home Year.                                           

If requested your flag will be returned at the end of the event.                

When submitting your flag please include the following information:Owners Name, Flag Name, Local Contact Telephone Number

Light up the Branch Sky!

If you would like to contribute to the Light up the Branch Sky a fireworks display during Come Home Year please contact any committee member. Donations of Fireworks or monetary contributions are needed to make                             this project a reality. Donations of all sizes welcome.

                           Together Let’s Light up Branch!!!!!

All donors to this event will be recognized on our website and prior to the fireworks display. Title Sponsorship is available for this exciting project!

Thank you to all who have donated to this event—Donor List


Panoramic View Of Branch from the Naked Man—September 2006

Submitted By:  Albert and Carol Ann (Nash) Jenkins


Branch Come Home Year

August 9-19, 2007


What’s Your Mark?

For many years wood and sheep were marked for easy identification purposes.      Submit your family’s mark(s) !