Climb the Rocks in the Wester’ Cove !


Maybe You Will Find a Fossil or Two!

Branch Come Home Year

August 9-19, 2007



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Poems, Stories, Songs and Recitations


Memories of Branch  Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Power’s Store-Branch   Submitted By: Rebecca Power


Down By The Riverside   Submitted By: Ernestine (O’Rourke) Power


The Old School House  Submitted By: Terry Power


Branch, St. Mary’s Bay  Submitted By: Terry Power


Branch Riverside  Submitted By: Terry Power


Fencing on The Hill  Submitted By: Terry Power


Little Meg  Submitted By: Fr. Leo English


The Best Thing in Life   Submitted By: Fr. Leo English


Gold in the Wester’ Cove   Submitted By: Michael Hogan


River of Dreams   Submitted By: Ernestine (O’Rourke) Power


The Forsaken Fish House  Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Round-Up on The Cape  Submitted By: Terry Power


Memories Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


In Memory of My Grandmother– Mary Joe (Nash) McGrath  Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


On Monday I Met  Submitted By: John Corcoran


The Son of Dan McGrew  Submitted By: Fr Leo English


Lucy Gray  Submitted By: Terry Power


Recollections   Submitted By: Fr. Leo English


Nostalgia for a Newfoundland Village   Submitted By: Terry Power


Goldenrod   Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


Poem For Nanny  Submitted By: Clyde Nash


The Wise Old Owl  Submitted By: Kenneth Nash


For the Mothers and Grandmothers Submitted By: Carolann (Power) Lyver


She’ll Ask Someday Submitted By: Marie (Nash) Fowler


Gerald Campbell St. John’s Folk Arts Council Lifetime Achievement Award Announcement


Tea for Victory A Branch end of World War II Story  Submitted By: Bev Power


A Tribute to Allan and Alice Power  Submitted By: Sheila (Power) Gensits


S.S. Labrador Shipwrecked in Branch Submitted By: John Roche


History of Branch—As published in Decks Awash (1980) Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


Coming Home  Submitted By: The Family of the Late Lena Nash


Branch in 1885  Submitted By: Terry Power


A Winter Morn’ In Branch Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


The Fossils of Branch Submitted By: Terry Fletcher


1959 English Invasion of Branch Submitted By: Terry Fletcher


My Father’s House Down by the Gut Submitted By: Loretta Corcoran


In Loving Memory of Nora and Dave Corcoran Submitted By: Loretta Corcoran


The Ragged Jacket  Submitted By: Terry Power


Biography of Rudolph (Dolph) J. Nash Submitted By: His Wife Catherine E. Nash


Song About the L.I. P  Submitted By: Elaine McGrath


A Letter From Mom Submitted By: Gerard Nash


Nash Family Roots  Submitted By: Stephen Nash


A Christmas in Russia Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Horses’ Bells and Hip Rubbers Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


I Remember Midnight Mass  Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Memories of the Christmas Catalogue Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Our Americanized Christmas—Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Getting the Perfect Tree —Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


The Christmas Muskrat—Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin


Our First Turkey Submitted by: Marina (Power) Gambin

The Year Santa Claus Came Late to The Easter’ Cove and Branch  Submitted by: Loretta Corcoran

The Teacher and the Adventurer a Tribute to Uncle Allan PowerSubmitted by: Glenn Power

A True Branch Man—Submitted by: Mallary McGrath

Dreams of Branch—Submitted by: Marina (Power) Gambin

Information About Branch By Agnes (Mooney) Singleton—                                   Submitted By: Marina (Power) Gambin

A Tribute to Uncle Mike Nash—Submitted by: Loretta Corcoran

A Tribute To My Grandmother, Mary Barry Nash—Submitted by: Loretta Corcoran

A Tribute to Mrs. Belle Nash—Submitted By: Jackie Nash

A Message from Heaven —Submitted By: Lorna English

The Way It Used to Be —Submitted By: Lorna English

My Mother and Friend —Submitted By: Lorna English

Mom — Submitted By: Larry Nash

Sentinel of the Cove —Submitted By: Angela T. Dalton –Nash

Story of the Little Green House  — Submitted By: Jay McGrath

Uncle Joe  — Submitted By: Jay McGrath


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